1. By registering means members have deemed to understand and agree with the rules in force in

2. Each member is responsible for his own keep confidentiality of user id and password.

3. The initial password which we provide a password to be replaced with more of its own members and members have been required to change the password on the user id regularly, to maintain the security of user id member.

4. Each member must read every requirements and regulations in Sportsbook or Casino website that has been registered before placing a bet.

5. Each member is responsible to provide their most recent data in, especially email, mobile number and a bank account.

6. Minimum deposit is USD 50,000 (To Deposit can be processed when using the Account has been registered when using different rek or cash deposit through the bank teller can not be processed).

7. Minimum withdrawal is $5 USD - (For Withdrawal / Withdrawal can only be made by the Account No reply has been registered).

8. Members can request Deposit or Withdraw Every day at which time the bank can perform a check transaction history.

9. Sportbook SBOBET ibcbet and minimum installation is $5 USD.

10. To date the Deposit and Withdrawal via Bank BCA, Mandiri, BNI and BRI.

11. Bet / Bet that has been done, can not be canceled. All calculations were performed by FAIR WEBSITE concerned is / are TRUE.

12. Special ibcbet Withdraw Process Given that exceed the credit interchangeable processed the next day in every day at: 11:00 to 20:00 pm, if the member wants to withdraw the whole credit ibcbet user id, we will use the suspend feature user id.

13. Minimum Balance Displacement From 1 Acc Acc games to other games is $10 USD.

14. We do not serve any complaint of any kind after the withdraw / deposit / transfer of more than 24 hours.

15. Members are required to check after the transaction deposit / withdrawal / transfer, because we do not Melayanin komplin transaction that has more than 24 hours.

16. Accounts that never Off / No Deal for 3 months will be closed and a new account is not doing DEPOSIT in one month will be closed.

17. We Entitled To Reject Member paddling in understand Regulations.

18. Rules can be changed at any time, please read the rules on the website members ASTONBET periodically.

Thank you for your cooperation Continued success of